Friday, December 30, 2005

end: 2005

2005 was a pretty interesting year for me...
twavel took most of my time this year... and i hope to be able to continue this passion in the years to come! :þ
it allows me to have time for myself, my family, my friends... time for adventure, for learning, for sharing.

how did 2005 end? definitely with a lot of get togethers... with a touch of surprise too!

get2gether number 1:

driving to the unexplored city of cavite

lizeth's birthday was celebrated in their new home in cavite city 'new and improved' canyons> where we were able to meet some of her other friends and of course spend time with her family as well.
seth's mom is really sweet! she prepared a huge dinner for us and we were stuffed!!!

thanks seth for a great partee!

get2gether number 2:

dinner and drinks with kalbo > finally!

december 20 >> the official last day for school was our night-out with good friend robbie Ü finally, our year-long plan to go out and spend laughing time materialized! ~ we weren't really planning on prolonging your agony, robbie! hahahaha!

surprisingly, robbie was the tiangge kinda guy so we spent an hour or so going around the karl edwards bazaar at the fort... browsing for last minute gifts...

we then headed off to red kimono to start our Christmas Tummy-Stuffing! yum! really love their agedashi tofu!

after more jokesÜ, we went around the bazzar at the fort strip where robbie saw he was nagulangan at karl edwards where he bought the CDs...
drinks came after at gourdo's...

night ended soon after since my compatriots reg&seth had to twavel extra miles home...

thanks y'all for a fun night!

get2gether number 3:

Christmas Lunch with the Mercado's @ the Yniguez'

the family gathered up at the Yniguez household for the annual Christmas Reunion Partee! It was mucho fun... especially with all the kids! my pamangkins~the youngones excuse me... and my apos! all five of 'em! gift-giving, yummy lunch , and picture-taking with the fam makes up a great Christmas Lunch!

get2gether number 4:

Christmas Dinner with the Purugganan's @ Metrowalk

Big Surprise! Mike is home for the holidays! MomPrecy was mucho surprised to tears! hehehe!
so... we've been spending the bulk of our time with him and Mike, mike's fwend from the US, to show them around the city and bring them shopping!

Christmas Dinner of 2005 was spent at misato <best to try their green fried chicken! yum!> and of course coffee and tea at Starbucks

>>It was a great year... mostly filled with laughter... tears were shed but the year woudn't have had meaning without 'em. I thank God for the blessings that I've received and praise him for all that I have experienced. My family, friends, my travels, books, conversations, have taught me much. All of these allowed my to be appreciative of everything around me.<<