Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

just a simple reminder to turn your lights off today
for one hour from 8:30pm to 9:30pm -- local time.

let's start a consciousness to conserve energy.

new jersey, usa

Monday, March 23, 2009

LP #50 :: Paboritong Alahas

tila hubad ang pakiramdam
pag hindi suot ito.
kung mawala'y hindi malalaman

kung ano ang gagawin ko.

i feel naked and lost
when i don't wear them.
if i lose my favorites
i wouldn't know what to do.

LP #49 :: Blusa/Polo

kwelyo ng polo
simbolo ng trabaho.

sa mga panahong ito
hindi lahat ay binibiyayaan nito.

kaya't abot langit ang pasasalamat
sa pagkakataong maisuot muli ito.

a shirt's collar

is a sign of a job.
in our current situation

not all is blessed with it.
so thanks to the heavens

for a chance to wear this once again.

LP #48 :: Bag

tatak ng kalabisan

labis na pagod ang laman

dulot ng puyat sa trabahong walang katapusan

maaari ring labis na kaligayahan

walang humpay na hagikgikan, kainan, inuman

sa iba'y labis na kalungkutan

dala ng luha, ng lumbay, ng pusong nakararamdam ng kakulangan


a sign of extremes

it carries extreme fatigue

caused by late nights of working endlessly

it could also be extreme happiness
a never-ending night of laughter, food, and drinks

for others, extreme loneliness

caused by tears, sadness, of a heart that is empty


Friday, March 20, 2009

bloggers block.


i can't seem to bring myself to write a post.
i have a long list of things to post already but i just am not in the mood.

gotta get a move on.


target: next week.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Now that Spring Weather finally made its presence felt over the weekend. It sure is time to stop procrastinating and to post my first ski adventure.
Up to Campgaw Mountain we went in Mahwah, NJ one weekend to try out skiing for the first time. Everyone who knows me knows that one thing I'm not good at is my balance. I've tried to improve it though with some yoga and boxing and I think it did a lot of help. So I got all my courage together to give this adventure a shot! Thanks to ate Cholie for going with me and for helping me go through with it!
It was only a 30-minute ride to Campgaw so we were on line, renting our skiis and poles in no time. The kids, Raphael and Nicholas decided to go tubing while David was the brave one to go snowboarding. Ate Cholie and I signed up for a short introductory ski lesson for first-time skiiers and in an hour, we were ready to take on the bunny slope!
First-Timer's Things to Remember:
  1. Legs should be wide apart
  2. Lean forward!
  3. Skiis should form a "V," a "wedge," or a "pizza" to slow down or to stop
  4. If you can't get up after falling, just remove the skiis and put them back on soon as you're back on your feet!
  5. Layer,layer,layer!
It was definitely a lot of fun although I must admit that I fell many many times... got tired and hungry! But I'll do it again... taking it slow and having lotsa fun!