Friday, February 13, 2009

Surfing 101

so here goes my first installment of backlog posts...

right before i left manila, i had to make sure i did a couple of the things that i doubt i will have the time, money, and opportunity to do. so i made arrangements, asked a couple of friends who wanted to experience them with me and plan 1 was in motion:


yep, li'l 'ol me tried surfing... and to my surprise, i had the time of my life. a kind of experience that cannot be compared to any other activity... anticipation to start with, then fear, then excitement, then fun, then pain. all in one. intense, don't you think? and all but an hour's away from home.

the Philippine Surfing Academy provides surfing lessons either in open water like Quezon or in Club Manila East Resort in Taytay, Rizal. yep, you do have the option to surf, just an hour or so away from Pasig! of course we opted to try it out in Taytay... safety and convenience in mind! Sunday is the best day to go, early in the morning, around 7:00AM to dodge traffic -- both vehicle (on the way there) and people traffic (when you're already there)! we got in touch with Coach Ejay through 09275353276 or you could of course check their website for more contact info.
Reg and I had an amazing time... definitely difficult at first, to get a balance that could last us to the shore and even more difficult towards the last hour of the 3-hour lesson when you're body's about to give up from exhaustion! waves were coming every two minutes and there was a 10 minute break after every 20 minutes but boy were we tired! we knew what to expect from our muscles the next couple of days and we were not disappointed. the aches came and the movements were very minimal for a day or so... but even better, our memories of the experience was amazing! i would love to try it again--if there were any wave pools here in jersey... and of course, when summer comes.


Marites said...

i wanna try that!:)

Jay - agent112778 said...

way to go Lids :D

now that you can surf, try surfing here in La Union - the surfing capital of the north

lidsÜ said...

@marites :: try it! really an amazing experience!

@jay :: haha! nyah! hindi ko pa kaya yan! :P