Tuesday, October 25, 2005

~boitday bash~

13 october 2005
official count: 25 years
ms. 25-yr-old-gurl writes:
forget the drama!
there isn't any drama!
this year is probably one of my best birthdays ever!
years ago, i've consistently ignored my birthday...
always thinking that it's nothing but another regular day...
but this year was a H-A-P-P-Y birthdayÜ
thanks to the kids in school who made the day so much fun!!!
thanks sweeties ~ for the cakes, the gifts, and especially the 'love' notes
and thanks for the surprise: flowers from anonymous...
~ hmm ~

moving on...
15 october 2005
official count: 25 years and 2 days
attendees: special people
fam: mom, kuy gary&'te melissa, arianna&roque, kuy ryan&tricia, vino&sofia
fwends: chie, seth®, ci-chey, emg, rinah
minutes of the event:
  • lunch at PANCAKE HOUSE, marketmarket with seth®, cj, emg, chippy
  • off to sta. elena guest house by 1400hours
  • side twip to Bicutan to pick up Rinah
  • sta. elena by 1500hours
  • swimming with the kids!!!
  • off to sta. rosa for dinner at the jap resto by 1830hours ~ busog!
  • back to sta.e for some cake cutting ~ desserting
  • cranium&pokeno ~ chie won! woohoo!!!
  • snoozed by 0030hours (?) 16 october 2005
  • up and about by 0730hours... breakfast with the fam and later on with the gang...
  • transfer to banahaw pools by 1200hours
  • swimming and lunch ~ yum!
  • off to manila by 1700hours

whew!!! it felt like a long weekend despite it being just an overnight stay! thanks to all for spending my boitday with me... really means much...

can't imagine how we were able to eat so much!!!

here are some pix:

    ~ fun@the pool with a view ~

    ~ tres~

    ~ sardines ~

    ~ boitday gurl's lone candle :P ~

Friday, October 07, 2005


TIMESTAMP: 1855 hours
LOCATION: ~iskul~

yes, believe it or not, yours truly is still in school -- tra-ba-ho-hing

for those of you who don't know... my working hours are from 700hours to 1600hours and for this whole week, i've been at work till way past my usual time-out hour... and i've only had a chance to dindin with the fam last night...

~parent-teacher conferences~
~attendance policy~
and i'm not slacking off now... i'm working with this slow computer, waiting for my printouts to finish while blogging...
reg gave up and decided to leave... she has a dindin date with an old friend... can't blame herÜ
so it's me, all alone here -- oh wait, here comes our friendly neighborhood custodian and security gal...
coz it's time to clean up...
so it makes me think... are all these tra-ba-hos worth my time?
i don't really have much complain except for the drained feeling i get at the end of the day...
without the kids around to make us laugh,
we wouldn't be able to live with this job...

but when you really stop to ponder on how many people you get to help everyday, and how many people you've given the chance to smile, you feel good about yourself, and of course, of the job that you do.
i may find work frustrating at times... but it's fun and i'm happy in the environmentÜ
as i've said before,
i don't think there's a job quite like mine...
TIMESTAMP: 1915 hours
LOCATION: ~iskul~ pdn

Saturday, October 01, 2005

~passion for xocolat~

my iS buds and i have had the same *gtalk* profile for this week
~ undecided = confused ~
and the last i needed for the end of the week was another talk on past experiences, present conditions, and future plans...
~ i needed to unwind ~
~ i needed a doze of xocolat ~
yup, that's right: X-O-C-O-L-A-T

i believe that next to diamonds, chocolate comes next as a girl's best friend...
so my best bud, chie and i decided to get an overdoze on chocolate...
the elixir brings you to different high...
it could be overpowering especially after a long, stressful day...
but it could also be a relief after a week of deep thought.
here's our yumyum xocolat desserts:
***fondue for two***
***frozen "hot" chocolate***
well, the chocolate did it's job ~ and m ready to take the weekend off ~ and start the next week with a boost!Ü
~ visit XOCOLAT at greenhills promenade or megamall bldg A, 2nd level ~