Tuesday, September 25, 2007

>chelsea with friends<

Just the usual get2gether with people dear to me…

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

80 wonderful years :: imang Teresing's birthday celebration

A life spent of service to God, her family, her friends, her fellowmen. She is loved for all her good deeds, her overflowing care and her humility.
Wishing Imang Teresing more years to love and be loved,
15 September 2007 A celebration of her birthday – food, music, dance at Barbara’s, the Orchidarium, Rizal Park, Metro Manila.

Monday, September 10, 2007

T House, Tagaytay :: Weekend Getaway

September 7-8… four friends, Tina and Happy and Lidie and Chie, who needed a weekend getaway trekked the stretch of South Super Highway for an overnight stay at T House in Tagaytay
After a yumyum Japanese lunch at Sakae Sushi, and dessert at Mickey D’s + a glimpse of the ‘new’ look of Ronald McDonald, we headed off to our tranquil escape…

More than an hour later, we were at our home for the weekend… Lounged in our room…
And watched some of our fave shows… And of course… wii-ed :P Tina’s arms were sore from wii-boxing! Haha! But it was mucho fun…

Dinner was at another beautiful b&b… Hawaiian Barbeque at the The Botique. Food was good! But Happy and Tina thinks that the Boracay branch seem to have a better take on the taste ;) Place was really pretty though… and the breeze was really Tagaytay-ish ;)

Capped the night with a quick game of ‘Scene it!’ and a bottle of Moscato d’Asti… and looked forward to some relaxing massages the following day.
Breakfast at T House was great and filling…
Tins: butter pancakes with bacon
Lids and Haps: peanut butter pancakes with bacon
Chie: chicken longganisa with garlic rice

Scheduled our spa appointments for 11am and moved our checkout time to 2pm
Tins and Chie: regular massage
Haps: manicure + pedicure (+ foot spa)
Lids: foot spa + pedicure + back massage

Rain poured after our spa treatments and we were starving! We headed off to Gourmet’s Café in Silang, Cavite and had some pizza and pasta Ü

On our way home, a stop over at the Sta. Rosa shopping trip was on the agenda… took a peek at the sales in Nike and Speedo, Adidas and Levi’s…
Planned to chug down some slurpee from 7-11 and munch on some street food but didn’t manage to do the latter because the fishballs guy sped away :P

~ Thanks to that weekend getaway, the next few days kept me sane! Looking forward to the next one! ~