Sunday, September 17, 2006

cdo~camiguin twip :: adventure of a lifetime!

well, it has been more than a month since our cdo-camiguin twip...
seth had the drive to blog about it here and here
...while i, although contemplating to do so, has not been at all in the mood to blog...
> not specifically about the twip... as i had a blast!
> but because of all the drama... going on around me:
1. one jerkazoid
2. the ISM Trouble
3. etcetera...etcetera...etcetera...

so anyway, moving on...
here are the highlights of our cdo~camiguin twip...
...oh and before i forget, heartfelt thanks to our one and only :: DUSTIN!

>> for making our experience one of the best ever! we had a great time and we hope to visit you again soon!

so this'll be another pix-tell-all blog... enjoy!

our cdo~camiguin twip was juz a 4-day stay in cdo~camiguin together... but we had the most amazing adventure while we were there!

july 15, 2006
flight time was 5:30am and as i predicted, i arrived late... and of course with some extra delays *wink, our names were all called over the PA system :: Lidie, Chie, Lizeth, Jemil, Rinah, Arner, Reg, Garry :: but nonetheless, we still made it!

CAGAYAN DE ORO :: White Water Rafting Adventure
Dustin, being the best host ever, was already waiting for us when we got there... sardined ourselves inside his naks CRV to his sariling bahay

freshened up while waiting for our sundong jeepney that will bring us to the Cagayan de Oro River...

after a short 45minute drive,

we were geared up with lifejackets, helmets and paddles for the adventure of a lifetime!

had a short course on white-water rafting 101 shortly after everyone was ready...

  • forward
  • heavy forward
  • backward
  • relax

in case of emergency

  • lift men-overboard through their lifejackets, not their arms
  • if you fall, put your legs up and go with the current
***jemil had a first-hand experience in this... jemil :: our only man-overboard... stories about the event vary from 'the simple truth' to the 'larger than life.' heehee... :þ

the white-water rafting adventure wuznt juz great because of the 13 or so rapids that we passed... our lunch (prawns, roasted chix, puso, fresh buko), c/o our guides and our exciting human chain was also amazing!

and when we thought the adventure was over, dustin told us about the :: MACAHAMBUS ADVENTURE PARK

CAGAYAN DE ORO :: Skybridge, Zipline, Rapelling
still the same first day

we headed off to the Macahambus Adventure Park where we were once again geared up >> now with helmets and harnesses...

walked through the skybridge... 150 feet long and 150 feet above ground (if i remember right), this bridge was not rickety... but was definitely wobbly, as expected from any hanging bridge... some of my buds felt that this was the most rattling part of the whole experience...

at the end of the bridge, up a tree house, was the start of the zipline... this was the scariest one for me... it was the initial release at that starting point that really worried me... but i did it! we all did it!
it was an exhilirating experience... of course, i had the longest tili in the group... actually juz stopped when i realized it was too long already :þ

then it doesn't stop... went halfway up the bridge again and from there, rapelled down from a tree... whew! what an experience!

after that long day, our arms and legs were aching, but it was really an awesome day! it was definitely worth it!

capped the night off with dinner at Tabing-Ilog where we had the pleasure of listening to some in-te-res-ting live music from the manong ;) heehee

july 16, 2006
tried to wake up early to catch the earliest ferry to CAMIGUIN but with our ouchie bodies, we made it to the 2nd trip out of CDO...

checked-in at Paras Beach Resort...

got the best deal for our room! astig...

after lunch, we headed off to the different attractions of Camiguin:
The Walkway

The Sunken Cemetery

The Cold Springs

The Katibawasan Falls

The Hot Springs

it was again a tiring but fun-filled day... saya to be with fwends!
rested early this second night as we were heading off to The White Island the next day...

july 17, 2006
CAMIGUIN :: White Island

a five-minute boat-ride from Paras, White Island is a usually C-Shaped Sandbar in the middle of the sea... on the day that we were there, it was stormy and so it was more like an S-Shaped Sandbar...

a few days before the twip, i was chatting with my bud archie and i mentioned to him that i'd like to experience the beach during a storm... got my wish and it wuz a very different beach experience... the wind was blowing hard and we were surrounded by the sea, so the raindrops were like pins on our skin... but soon enough, the skies cleared a bit and we waded and swam around the island...

tried... and tried... some jumping shots... failed more than succeeded... ugh!

had the best lunch there... with inihaw na fish and rice... shared in plates with buds... nothing compares...
soyee, no pictures of it to share :þ

arner had a slight mishap :: sea urchin sting! ugh! good thing the boys, more so, jemil had the tamang sandata to cure the sting... heehee... and life goes on ;)

went back to the resort soon as we knew arner has recovered... here are some tres marias shots:

headed back to CDO that same day...

as we had to fly back to Manila the day after...

oh how i miss travelling! i wish i had the time and the money to enjoy more twips like these...
'that will be the life'