Wednesday, January 04, 2006


i've had the sniffles & a sore throat since even before the new year came...
...m crossing my fingers that this isn't a preview of my health for 2006

but it has to be said that this may be because of all the activities we've been attending to the past few weeks...

and here i blog again about the last two...

january 1st

::a trek to tagaytay~batangas to visit taal::

with mike&mike around, we have to make sure they get a taste of what the philippines has to offer and on the first day of the year, we brought them to see the famous: Taal Volcano

it wuz mucho fun as we had lunch at the Taal Vista Hotel [managed by the Fuego Hotels] with everyone including the kids!

we took pictures with the view and just marveled at its beauty...
before heading home, we dropped by Cuenca, Batangas to finally see Archie's batangas home Ü it was really pretty! great job, arch!

january 2nd

::finally, d gang partee pushed through::
[unfortunately, jemil wasn't able to join us]

dinner was at Casita de Vimans a tiny resto in Makati that served home-cooked Filipino food ~ yum!

orders -- including those of my friends:

taco salad

grilled liempo
grilled chops with corn
porterhouse steak
macau sausage

dalandan slush

chocolate cookie a la mode

to cap off the night, we had our traditional Starbucks moment ~ chatting about... everything! hehehe!

up next: MACAU!

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