Saturday, December 23, 2006

...more info

of course there were some things i forgot to mention as part of my summary of my october~december happenings... so here are a few more worth remembering ;)

1. met up with good fwend dustin when he came home to Manila for a bakasyon... had dinner with him at Portico at Serendra with buds Rinah, Jemil and Chie...

while waiting for our table at Portico, we decided to check out the newly opened Krispy Kreme Manila... said 'what the heck?! why not fall in line while we wait for our table?' and we got a few dozens ;) had a taste of their hot and fresh glazed doughnuts... and fell in love all over... again! was definitely worth the wait...

2. OA lunch with some of the best kids in school :: Jeremy, Chris, and Fazilah! of course, the whole HS and HS Guidance teams were complete! :P get a load of the food we had:

3. NZ migration for Malen and Family

a big change for the Purruganan Family as Malen and Family finally got their papers for NZ... they flew straight away to start their new life there...

the kids (Adi, Rafael, and Aniela) are still here but will soon be flying after Christmas 2006... December 29 to be more precise...

we miss the couple already... and will definitely miss the trio... :( aniela will be back though, my lil' inaanak... yey!
do wish them success in their chosen path! we'll visit you soon! ;) i hope!

4. Get2Gether with a bunch of my HS Buds :: Kates, Haps, Tins, Maits... hehehe... juz a 9 o'clock dinner at Teriyaki Boy, Eastwood City, Libis and some coffee-coffee after at the usual : Starbucks...

always fun to be with these peeps... non-stop hagikgiking and kuliting... asaran! err! bwahahaha!
so as promised, i do hope our next get2gether will be an out-of-towner... yesss! tagaytay na ba 'toh?? hehehe! can't wait!

5. simbang gabi sa gesu
i wanted to complete simbang gabi this year... but then... hindi pa rin... but got the chance to attend one last Wednesday... met up wuth fwends: Jemil, Rinah, and Chie... had simbang gabi at gesu (8:30pm)

and headed off to Al Dente by Tiendesitas for a sweet dinner among fwends... yum!

it's Christmas in a couple of days (literally) and so i bid goodbye once again to another year... but welcome 2007 with open arms! woohoo!

mewicwismas to all! muahs!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

>promised updates<

made a lot of promises in my last blog to update you with stuff i posted about...
so here are some updates!

kris kringle post update for 2006...

it's been years since i've participated in a kris kringle and this is the first for me at ism :P you know our group, the KJ group when it comes to stuff like these :P

well, it proved to be ok naman ;)

so eniweiz, promised to post what i gave my baby (ms. tina) and what i got from my mom (ate chet) this kris kringle... so here it is:


  1. something hairy/ a hairy headed pen/ a tweeting chick cellphone thingie
  2. something long and hard/ a back scratcher/ a dog toy
  3. something funny/ a 'Nacho Libre' VCD/ a joke book
  4. something practical/ a 50-peso bill/ a neck cushion
  5. something you made/ a shirt!/ a CD and pic
  6. your baby's wish/ lush soap : sea vegetable/ SM GC

i don't have pix to post though :( boohoo... except for this one::the one i made for my baby... really proud of it! ;)

and no pix of the funfun revelation dinner we had either... but here's the menu for that celebration (thanks to Ima! It was really yumyum!)

  1. pancit palabok
  2. bbq
  3. lumpiang sariwa
  4. chix lollipop
  5. caldereta
  6. shrimp teriyaki
  7. rice
  8. pinipig crunch

woohoo! and thanks to ms. aida for the funfun games as well! :D

new office furniture post update!

lizeth let me borrow her cam to take these pix! of all the days i were to leave my cam behind, it had to be on the day i wanted to take photos of my new second home...


(my lil' corner)

(my views :: the art gallery and my new flat screen monitor! ~ thanks to the IT dept.!)

(ittybitty jots from my HS damulags)

(the peeps behind me::reg's area and the icare booth)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

bridal shower + wedding :: mia & con

MIA was one of the people i regarded simply as sweet and true in the office and she was one of the first people i got acquainted with as i started working at ism... even went to my first out of town trip (to puerto galera) with ism peeps with her! and met con then as well...

they seem to be the right fit... and more so now, that they've finally exchanged vows...

to start off, we had a mini bridal shower for mia with a couple more of our ism colleagues... had pancit, bbq, and lumpia for lunch before we started with our naughty games, thanks to t.myrna! :D it was hilarious! hahahaha! we all had mucho fun!

attendees were: Reg, Lizeth, T. Myrna, T. Jas, Ms. Baby, Chrizelle, Virg, Menchu, Malot, Anna, T. Manny...

that weekend, we celebrated their nuptial in Bulacan... drove up to Marilao with Reg to catch the 3:30pm wedding... took the 'scenic' route of course! ako pa! arrived juz in time to hear Lizeth's 1st Reading...
it was a solemn celebration... followed by a fun and sweet garden reception...

of course, hindi kme magpapatalo as the wedding organizer started off the celebration with an 'ice breaker.' figure out the puzzle and win a prize! haha! ang saya! our table completed it first and we each one a CD of love songs... food was good! company was great! unfortunately, due to the long drive ahead, most of the guests (including us) had to leave in a jiffy...

to Mia and Con :: I wish you happiness in your marriage... may God be always the center of your love. I pray for good health, God-fearing children, and contentment for both of you. muah!

juz a side twip :: of course trio pictures are not to be forgotten whenever we're together... her are our crazee pix:

and then some with the gang as well:

Sunday, December 17, 2006


it's already December... two months after my 'special' month...
yep... october's my month... and yet, my October 2006 slot for 'Speak Up' is E-M-P-T-Y... same goes for my November 2006 slot... grrr...
the past 2 months weren't so eventful... but a few bits and pieces happened... worth mentioning... including good bud rinah's life as it got spiced up a bit... m always part of my friends' lives! bwahahaha!

so anyway, here's a walk-through of my October ~ December 2006:

1. birthday dinner with the fam at 7 Corners, Crowne Plaza (Galleria, Manila)...

  • food was ok... but not as varied as i had hoped
  • the room was too dark -- works in the morning for breakfast but not for dinner...
  • loved the butter corn loaf! mmm...

celebrated being FILIPINO in the International Community... mucho fun! mucho food! yum!

3. Clark has failed me once again...
...this time it's Air Asia...
~ re-booked...

i think that i'm a jinx... to this airport.
'nuf said...
3. Rinah's Life-Changing Moment
spent a whole week with Rinah... phonecalls, text messages, a sleepover and even a Sta. Elena getaway...

too long of a story to elaborate... but Rinah, we're here for you... and you're such a strong person that you'll definitely get through this dillemma. this experience is something that you've learned from... learned a lot about other people, about relationships, and of course, yourself...
matatapos din yan! malapit na! with this 'new' thing going on in your career, everything will be looking up sooner THAN later! Congratulations on your new job! Unilever seems like a good fit for you :) can't wait till January

4. Good friend Archie left for Madrid, Spain once again for work... but of course, it won't be all work for this guy! Travelling from one Europe spot to the next, we're all left as inggit fwends... had a chance to spend some time with him before he left... hmm... he actually should be back home now! coz he's supposed to be here for Christmas... are you home naaa? hehehe!

5. New Office Furniture!
woohoo! after three year of waiting, the High School Department finally got new furniture already... it's like moving in to a new home... I'll post pix soon! wait for it!

6. Finally had the chance to dindin with good bud Vivien... juz a simple dinner at the Block :: Aristocrat and some UCC for dessert! yum!

it was a good chance to catch up and chismis about each others' lives... she's really one friend i trust and value... she's proven to be a treasure...

7. ISM Christmas Party :D
Celebrated the ISM Christmas Party last 12 December 2006 in the HS Courtyard... I say, it is one of the better ISM parties everrr... great prizes (i won 2!) and great shows! woohoo! go Mr. Martell!!! and Jon, here are your pix! I'll plug in the video soon! (thanks to ceejay!) bwahahahaha! here's the video of the MC Elves... love them! great job Ringo! :P

~can't believe it's just a week more til Christmas!~

8. Lizeth and her rants :P
Good friend Lizeth has been swamped with much work over the past month with college apps here and there and of course some more bits and pieces here and there... but anyhoo, we're here to help out! you know you can count on us ;) i know you've been stressed about so many things... and so many peeps... ganyan talaga ang buhay... minsan, nakakaharap ang mga bagay at taong hindi natin kasundo... that's juz one of life's challenges... kaya mo yan!

it was her birthday yesterday, 16 December! and so we were able to celebrate it with one of our fave seniors of 2007, Mr. Harvey Alumisin, the one and only... Birthday dinner for Lizeth at Sugi, Greenbelt 2:

Love spending time with these peeps... I juz can't help but laugh my heart out when i'm with Harvey! love you, Harvs!

later that evening, we went to Roy's party at Legaspi... funfun with some rum~coke :P thanks triz for staying til late with us :) i know you had a blast! heehee!

pix from Roy coming soon!!!

8. Kris Kringle-ing...

yep! a small group of ISM peeps decided to have a Kris Kringle... my mom has been religious in giving me gifts :P thanksthanks! and i have been, just as good at giving gifts to my baby :P i'm about to find out who they are tomorrow! here are our themes for the past few weeks:
  • week 1 :: something hairy
  • week 2 :: something long and hard
  • week 3 :: something funny
  • week 4 :: something practical/useful
  • week 5 :: something you made
  • revelation day :: your baby's wish

i'll take pix of the gifts i got... and let you know what i gave my baby... after tomorrow! heehee... my baby and mom might find out who i am! hwehwe!

i'll be updating this post... waitin for some more pix to place here :P heehee... don't get sawa :P