Saturday, December 23, 2006

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of course there were some things i forgot to mention as part of my summary of my october~december happenings... so here are a few more worth remembering ;)

1. met up with good fwend dustin when he came home to Manila for a bakasyon... had dinner with him at Portico at Serendra with buds Rinah, Jemil and Chie...

while waiting for our table at Portico, we decided to check out the newly opened Krispy Kreme Manila... said 'what the heck?! why not fall in line while we wait for our table?' and we got a few dozens ;) had a taste of their hot and fresh glazed doughnuts... and fell in love all over... again! was definitely worth the wait...

2. OA lunch with some of the best kids in school :: Jeremy, Chris, and Fazilah! of course, the whole HS and HS Guidance teams were complete! :P get a load of the food we had:

3. NZ migration for Malen and Family

a big change for the Purruganan Family as Malen and Family finally got their papers for NZ... they flew straight away to start their new life there...

the kids (Adi, Rafael, and Aniela) are still here but will soon be flying after Christmas 2006... December 29 to be more precise...

we miss the couple already... and will definitely miss the trio... :( aniela will be back though, my lil' inaanak... yey!
do wish them success in their chosen path! we'll visit you soon! ;) i hope!

4. Get2Gether with a bunch of my HS Buds :: Kates, Haps, Tins, Maits... hehehe... juz a 9 o'clock dinner at Teriyaki Boy, Eastwood City, Libis and some coffee-coffee after at the usual : Starbucks...

always fun to be with these peeps... non-stop hagikgiking and kuliting... asaran! err! bwahahaha!
so as promised, i do hope our next get2gether will be an out-of-towner... yesss! tagaytay na ba 'toh?? hehehe! can't wait!

5. simbang gabi sa gesu
i wanted to complete simbang gabi this year... but then... hindi pa rin... but got the chance to attend one last Wednesday... met up wuth fwends: Jemil, Rinah, and Chie... had simbang gabi at gesu (8:30pm)

and headed off to Al Dente by Tiendesitas for a sweet dinner among fwends... yum!

it's Christmas in a couple of days (literally) and so i bid goodbye once again to another year... but welcome 2007 with open arms! woohoo!

mewicwismas to all! muahs!

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