Friday, January 05, 2007

cwismas 2006 + new year's 2007

2006 holidays kicked off early this year... all to celebrate cwismas and the coming of the new year...

so to complete this year, i have no choice but to blog about my cwismas and new year's experience...

cwismas eve was spent with the purugganan's at white plains once again but unlike the past years, we had no choice but to spend this year quietly... with the endaya couple now in new zealand, it was really different... mom precy was feeling under the weather on cwismas eve so she had to stay in bed while chie, myself and the 2 kids :: adi and rafael went to church... thought we can do our usual Christ the King mass but alas, the church was way too full... decided to go to ADMU instead and hear mass at the Gesu... which was actually a very good decision... it was nice and solemn, full with people to the brim. lucky us, we had the nerve to go to the first pew and grab some seats ;)

had noche buena of sausages, ham & cheese (of course!), bread, canapes, tarts, fruits, leche flan... i can go on and on... :P the kids were super excited to open gifts so soon as they were done with their noche buena, they started opening their gifts :) aniela was fast asleep as both adi and rafael rummaged under the tree...

cwismas lunch was as with tradition, spent with the mercado clan... had our yearly reunion at ate cynthia's house... and once again munched on some yumyum food! sotanghon, bbq, lechon, lengua, hito, caramel, etc...etc... my brothers, titos, titas, cousins, neices, nephews and even my grandchildren (5 of them) were all present! the kids had fun exchanging gifts and each family went home happy with their loot! :P

simple celebration but with the important people of one's life... that's what cwismas is about ;)

mewicwismas to all!

new year's eve dinner was spent with the Zamucos in Magallanes as usual... this year, we had thai food courtesy of ate melissa... it was yumyum! had bagoong rice, padthai, lamb chops, embutido, salad... and of course the lechon (thanks to kuy gary's patient ;)

ate melissa's bright idea this year was to ask each individual to write his/her wish in a piece of pa
per which was raffled off at the end of the night. the idea was for the person who picked the card to pray for the person and his/her wish to come true this 2007. what a smart idea! it was really super sweet too ;)

my wish :: that i may be able to handle my first taste of independence well... i believe tita darle picked my card and i'm confident that i will always be in her prayers ;) heehee...

i picked tito jimmy's :: peaceful and prosperous 2007... i keep the card in my bag... and everytime i see it, i say a quick and silent prayer for this to come true :D

before the firecrackers and fireworks got crazee, we all decided to go our separate lakads... with those wish cards on hand...

i went off to white plains once again to spend medya noche with chie... she's alone for new year's since mom precy and the kids headed off to new zealand... so chie and myself, and of course manang, celebrated new year's watching the fireworks in the dark sky and lighting up our sparklers~lusis to welcome the new year... the neighbors had great pailaws and we really enjoyed watching! eastwood wasn't too far either heehee...

had a lot of food for medya noche as well... roasted chicken and mashed potatoes, spaghetti, hot chocolate, cherries... yum!

another year is over... i look forward to a great 2007... full of surprises and new things to look forward to.

may all of us always have something to look forward to every day of this year!

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