Thursday, May 29, 2008

LP #9 :: Ihip ng Hangin

hipan mo ang mga pahina,
ng kwento ng iyong buhay,
at unti-unting buklatin ang libro.
sa paglipas ng mga araw,
mga karanasan mo'y ilalathala,
at mauulinigan, sa 'di malilimutang
hanging dumaraan.

blow through the pages,
of the stories of your life.
as the days pass,
your experiences will be written down,
and will be heard
through the unforgettable passing wind.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Buyer in Me

Lizeth is leaving!!! Finally, she is moving on to a new, different, and exciting environment. We are happy for her and we are looking forward to lotsa stories of her new adventures in the beautiful land of Bahrain! More pictures, more friends, more memories!

And as she embarks on this new journey, we, her friends and colleagues from work are cooking up a package… a package that will complete whatever else it is that’s lacking in her ‘things-to-bring’ list! And that’s where the title of this entry comes in: ‘The Buyer in Me. Haha! I was at the mall Saturday, scouting for things on her list and I could really just go on and on with searching, asking, taking notes! I went back to buy them Sunday and I got them all! I guess it’s very good therapy to forget the thought of missing a great friend. I enjoyed this task coz I wanted to make sure that what we get her are things that are 'Lizeth'!

I can’t say I’m looking forward to more chances like this if it means having to do it for a friend who’s moving! Hahahaha! But it's definitely worth-while to spend my weekend honing the buyer in me!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

LP #8 :: Tubig

Pighati man ang dulot ng ito'y sumabog,
Ituturing ko pa rin itong biyaya ng Diyos.
Naging sanhi ng kaguluhan,
Anyo nya ngayon ay payapang lubos.
Tubig na ito'y puro,
Ubod ng ganda animo'y laging tahimik.
Bigyang pansin ang tingkad ng kulay.
Oras tumitigil tuwing pinagmamasdan.

Pain and suffering, it's explosion brought,
I still consider it a blessing from God.
Nothing but disaster, it caused,
Apparently now it is peaceful and serene.
True and pure water,
Undeniably beautiful, it seems always still.
Bring your attention to the brightness of its colors.
Oh how the hours stay still when mesmerized by its beauty.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

change is good...

yep. change is good. a lot of good changes going on around me... and it's nice.
happy thoughts? yes. looking forward to's? definitely.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

LP #7 :: Umaapoy

upang salubungin,
ang taon na paparating,
pailaw sa kalangitan,
isa-isang papa-apuyin.

ang maliwanag na papawirin,
wala nang ibang ibig iparating,
kundi kasiyahan, kasaganahan
aming hangad, aming hiling.

to welcome the year,
that is to come,
fireworks in the sky,
we light up one at a time.

the bright skies symbolize,
our prayers for the year.
that we may be blessed,
happy and content.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I can't deny how much I enjoyed Speed Racer!
Those who know me well are aware of my big interest in F1 racing! It was probably cars have played a major part in my childhood and all my four brothers were, and still are, much engrossed in the subject of cars! Kuya Glenn was primarily the biggest influence for my love for F1 races as he has exposed me to the sport very early. We are both fans of Ferrari cars and of Michael Schumacher. Imagine how bummed I am that he's no longer racing professionally... but as they say, better to stop at the peak of one's career and be remembered for your successes rather than to go on and fade away, leaving behind unpleasant memories.

Anyway, Speed Racer was just amazing! I've heard mixed reviews about it but it was at the top of my list of movies to watch and I was not disappointed. I love how the cars moved, I love the concept of how it was futuristic while the set popped out of the 60's. The colors were bright and vivid, giving it a comic look. I can definitely see how the cartoon was translated to a movie.

The actors fit the characters well! They did a great job!

Although there were some scenes that were quite 'talkie,' so to speak, the energy that the races brought to the movie, makes up for it. The angles, the different perspectives, the multiple styles used by the director is much appreciated. it:

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Chinese food

Yes, in other words, I feel much better now! Had my Chinese Lunch at Shanghai Bistro in Eastwood City which was yumyum!!! An order of Yang Chow Fried Rice, Kung Pao Chicken, and Century Egg + Jellyfish went a long way! It was really nice and tasty, authentic! Loooved it! Gotta go back for more soon!

That delightful lunch was followed by an exciting movie… more on that on my next blog!

And finally, I was able to have a haircut + protein treatment c/o Azta Salon in Eastwood! It was a great way to pamper myself after that ‘eh’ moment last week! From my uninspired mode, I was able to jumpstart the new week with a fresh welcome!

Azta has a unique way of attending to their clients and the moment you enter the salon, you get the feeling of being home. The place is very cozy, with welcoming seats for clients to lounge on while waiting their turn to be pampered. Shampooing is done on your station! Amazing! Aside from being so friendly and cheerful, they will make your stay even more comfortable by offering you clients a cup of milk tea to relax the senses…

After a quick snipsnip by Rose, one of their senior stylists… my locks were ready for even more pampering… a dose of protein treatment was exactly what it needed… 20 minutes after, my hair was shiny, bouncy, and full! I knew it was very happy to have finally been revived from stress!

Thanks so much to Jon for the treat at Azta… We had a blast and we are definitely coming back for more!

Shanghai Bistro
Ground Level, Eastwood Citywalk 2
Eastwood City Walk
188 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue
Bagumbayan, Libis Quezon City, Metro Manila
T : 632.687.7103 / 632.687.1861 / 632.687.2964

Azta Salon
2F, Eastwood Citywalk 2
Eastwood City Walk
188 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue
Bagumbayan, Libis Quezon City, Metro Manila

T : 632.687.6527

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Babanam Kevalam (Love Is All There Is)

After missing 2 sessions of asanas at amezcua, I was really feeling unwell and uneasy… it felt like something was definitely not right. So I was looking forward to another session of asanas with Dennis come Friday.

That session turned out to be really special as he gave us a short but very helpful introduction to the importance of yoga in the life of an individual. Yoga, apparently, is a very broad term that encompasses a number of spiritual practices that originated in India. What we often perceive as ‘yoga’ is actually ‘asanas,’ which means postures. Dennis made us realize that asanas is not exercise but more of an ‘innercise.’ This means that what we work on is what is inside our body, our organs.

With these poses or postures, we focus on our breathing, which rejuvenates us. It welcomes the positive chi to enter the body and for all negativity to be released as we exhale. Through the process, we are able to relax and calm the mind from the stresses that we experience in our everyday lives. He advised us to stay away from the dumpsites of ‘negative energy’ as it could be caught up in our system and will make us feel a heavy aura.

From that brief session, I am restored. I am now more conscious of what is going on around me, what I need to shut out and what I need to embrace. As the mantra says, Babanam Kevalam, Love Is All There Is… I focus now on the essence that is Love and I become positive. I try to veer away from what is unpleasant or look at it at a different light.

Surprisingly, yesterday, one particular student came up to me in the office and asked how I waswithout even waiting for a reply, he said, ‘You seem happy.’ I was taken aback but it definitely brought a smile to my lips and I said, ‘Yeah, I am happy, thanks!’

Babanam Kevalam (Love Is All There Is)… say it to yourself and listen to its message. Absorb the meaning and live it!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

LP #6 :: Mahal na Ina

sa pagdilat ng mga mata
sya ang aking unang nakita;
tinig lamang nya
ang unang pumasok sa aking tenga;
haplos at yakap nya
ang unang humupa sa aking luha.

mula noon hanggang ngayon,
pag-aaruga nya ang lagi kong hanap.

sa tuwina'y umaasa

sa kanyang pagkalinga.

araw-araw na nagpapasalamat
sa mahal kong ina;
sa walang kupas, walang pagod,
na pagmamahal at pag-aalaga.

she was the first i saw,
her voice, the first i heard,

and her touch, her hug,

were the first to brush off my tears.

years pass...

and i still long for her care,
it's what i look for everyday.

i say thanks, each morning,
for a mother like her;
for being strong, for being there,

for loving me even more each day.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

i need a spark...

10:20 AM me: i'm bored

11 minutes
10:32 AM hapipay: me din i dnt knw why ive been like this...
10:36 AM me: ako din...
as in wala akong gana

10 minutes
10:46 AM hapipay: bkt kaya? ako siguro dahil galing sa sakit.

7 minutes
10:53 AM hapipay: let's do something

12 minutes
11:06 AM me: hehe sure!
11:07 AM hapipay: i dont knw. hehehe something to cheer us up naman.
i need something to look forward to...

i'm at a down moment and i'm not sure what to do!
  • i've missed 2 yoga sessions already so friday is a must day for yoga! i feel icky already!
  • i've been craving for chinese food...
  • i've been contemplating on future plans but everything's so blurred for the time being.
i think i need to get away... a weekend getaway with friends will surely cheer me up. a spa treat will be nice too -- and a haircut! gotta do it!!!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

LP #5 :: Malungkot

Bagama't simbolo ng pagmamahalan,
Hindi maipagkakailang
Mayroong nakakaramdam ng kalungkutan,
Kapag bulaklak ay nasilayan.

Higit lalo ang mga nilalang,
Na bumabalik sa nakaraan.
Ang mapa-isip ay hindi maiwasan,
Alala ng bigong pag-ibig man o kamatayan.

Despite being a symbol of love,
Sometimes people feel pain,

When they get a glimpse of a flower.

Most especially those that couldn't help but remember,
Sad moments,
Be it lost love or death.