Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Buyer in Me

Lizeth is leaving!!! Finally, she is moving on to a new, different, and exciting environment. We are happy for her and we are looking forward to lotsa stories of her new adventures in the beautiful land of Bahrain! More pictures, more friends, more memories!

And as she embarks on this new journey, we, her friends and colleagues from work are cooking up a package… a package that will complete whatever else it is that’s lacking in her ‘things-to-bring’ list! And that’s where the title of this entry comes in: ‘The Buyer in Me. Haha! I was at the mall Saturday, scouting for things on her list and I could really just go on and on with searching, asking, taking notes! I went back to buy them Sunday and I got them all! I guess it’s very good therapy to forget the thought of missing a great friend. I enjoyed this task coz I wanted to make sure that what we get her are things that are 'Lizeth'!

I can’t say I’m looking forward to more chances like this if it means having to do it for a friend who’s moving! Hahahaha! But it's definitely worth-while to spend my weekend honing the buyer in me!


Lizeth said...

5.27.08, 7:24am
Liz: i love lids! ill miss her! :(
Jon: i know honey. but you'll see her in 2 years and a few months. :D


i will miss you! i haven't left yet BUT i can't wait to see you again! remember, 2 years and a few months! it's a date! :)

i <3 you, lids! *hugs*

lidsÜ said...

@Lizeth & Jon :: i already miss you too... and i definitely hope that 2 years will not pass without us seeing each other -- hopefully in Bahrain!
...and then again somewhere we may start our new lives -- you know what i'm talking about! plans, plans, plans! crossing my fingers that our looking forward to's will come! ♥hugs! love you much, seth!

thess said...

Alam mo Lidie, nandyan pa rin si Zeth sa ym contacts ko at laging online, pero na mimiss ko na rin sya =(

Goodluck darling sister of mine, you know I heart you, Zeth!