Wednesday, May 07, 2008

i need a spark...

10:20 AM me: i'm bored

11 minutes
10:32 AM hapipay: me din i dnt knw why ive been like this...
10:36 AM me: ako din...
as in wala akong gana

10 minutes
10:46 AM hapipay: bkt kaya? ako siguro dahil galing sa sakit.

7 minutes
10:53 AM hapipay: let's do something

12 minutes
11:06 AM me: hehe sure!
11:07 AM hapipay: i dont knw. hehehe something to cheer us up naman.
i need something to look forward to...

i'm at a down moment and i'm not sure what to do!
  • i've missed 2 yoga sessions already so friday is a must day for yoga! i feel icky already!
  • i've been craving for chinese food...
  • i've been contemplating on future plans but everything's so blurred for the time being.
i think i need to get away... a weekend getaway with friends will surely cheer me up. a spa treat will be nice too -- and a haircut! gotta do it!!!

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