Saturday, February 14, 2009

Up, Up, and Away!

one down and another to go...


yep, you read right: FLYING! we've heard about piloting your own aircraft before but it was only a couple of months back that we had reason to try it out. of course, the reason again was that i was leaving the country!

so off we went to angeles, pampanga -- reg, chie, and myself again, to give these flying lessons a try. thanks to gary jerome, our ism admission's director, for being our guide, we were able to go through the lessons without any accidents :P and even had fun! nerves aside, after that first lift off, it was an amazing experience altogether.

we rode a Quicksilver Ultralight Aircraft... looked scary to ride... felt unstable and waaaay too open, but i wouldn't have flown anything else! it gave a clear view of the plantations and fields and even some remnants of the lahar flow from Mt. Pinatubo's eruption back in 1991. gary brought us close to the ground at times and way up in others... we saw some farmers and waved at them, sniffed the poultry farm nearby -- not really our choice, and really just felt the cool wind in our faces and braced ourselves everytime we took a sudden dip.

take off



flying really gives a person a feeling of freedom and it was quite an irony, considering i was bound to start a life, held in the clutches of america -- with the thought of being imprisoned by the fast-paced life and the workaday world that i will be walking in. flying and freedom was just the opposite. i had to give it a try before i got lost in that world anyway.
contact the Angeles City Flying Club and give it a try. it's worth every penny!

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