Thursday, October 25, 2007


weekend of birthdays... october 12-14, 2007

10/12/07 katie's birthday celeb @ her home in QC
...birthday after dinner for katie...

...left at midnight for some coffee at krispy kreme, greenhills...
10/13/07 lids' birthday 12:00am

lids' birthday 12:00nn @ MAMOU, Serendra, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig with ISM buds, Reg & Seth and Chie

...and marta's kitchen for dessert...

lids' birthday 7:30pm @ JE SUIS GOURMAND,GF Net1 Center Bldg. Fort Bonifacio, beside Neo Spa and BPI with family!

10/14/07 lolo dioneng's boitday @ white plains

...with my inaanak, aniela...

loads of fun on our birthday celebrations for 2007!

Monday, October 15, 2007


Sometimes we are left to wonder why things seem to fall into place without much effort from us.
Sometimes questions are answered without them being asked.
Sometimes we wonder how things come to be when we haven’t done anything to make it happen.
Sometimes things are revealed without us asking for it to be discovered.
Sometimes we understand why things happen, why ‘it feels right,’ why the universe seems to conspire.

It is because…

A connection is exposed and we embrace it.
A connection is found to be so strong that there is no turning back.

A connection is formed that you feel complete.

A connection is made between people and you are content.

Monday, October 01, 2007

On moms…

Moms are always part of conversations with friends… we express what we love about them… and their little annoying quirks as well. But always, it ends with an appreciation for all that they are… for the care that they always give us – unconditionally and completely… for the effort they exert in understanding why we grew up to be the way that we are – oftentimes, not as they hoped we will.

Just recently, a good friend of mine left home… left the comfort of being with her mom as well. They are not the best of friends but they are mother and daughter.

Many will not understand the situation that they were – are – in. and there is no need to. There just needs to be an acceptance of the choices, the decisions that they made.

As friends, we are just here, ready to help, if and when you need us.

Our offer holds and we wish that you take it. It seems that our friendship is strong enough and our trust on each other is true.