Wednesday, June 21, 2006

an unbelievable month!

May ~ June was definitely no ordinary month! Denise, my 1st pamangkin, came home to the Philippines for a visit... and she did so much more than the usual get together with the relatives and shopping and EATING (although we did a ton of those!)... Instead, her stay was jampacked with activities, some of which I've tried for the first time as well...

Here are a bunch of pictures from 'some' of the things we did together over this month:

1. Just a few days after she arrived, I had Denise try her hand in boxing! heehee... it didn't turn out as well as we all hoped as she was still jet-lagged, the weather was steaming hot compared to that in the US, and of course, because boxing really is quite intense...

2. Weekend came and we were set to drive to anilao... to Aguila Beach Resort and then to Pier Uno where we can go for some scuba diving!!! It was our first dive --- for Denise, Chie, and myself --- so it was just a Discovery Dive. Thanks to our expert DM, Jimbo, we had a blast! He was a great instructor and he definitely won our trust!

Diving is such a great experience. Most amazing is your first breath of air while underwater!

(while waiting for our turn to dive)

(on our way to the dive spot!)

(here we go!!! nyah!)

(batangas' surprises!)

(gettin' ready to go back home :c)

3. Next up was the Tali Beach weekend... Chie and I stayed for just the weekend while the rest went ahead to stay an extra night... it was a weekend of sun, sand, and yumyum food!!! Here's where I first got my taste of a real tan

(will definitely get me a hammock --- soon!)

(noodlin away!)

(fam vacays are the best!)

(picture perfect Ü)




4. A wala-lang overnight stay at Shangri-La EDSA Plaza Hotel:

5. The Spa experience @ The Podium ::: Thanks kuy Glenn for the libre! muah!

The Spa @ The Podium

before (in our after-work wardrobe) and after (in our mocha getup):

6. The crazeeness that is :: BORA!!!

Of course, Denise's twip will not be complete without a taste of one of the world's best beaches, found here in the Philippines ::: BORACAY ISLAND.

It's still as beautiful as ever... with a few more developments here and there... personally, I think all the changes that has been made so far, adds charm to the place... more restos, more shops, more resorts... still, the same ol' beautiful beach, remains pristine.

I will definitely go back!!!

DAY 1:

Once we reached the Island, all that we can talk about was the sand and the water... --- 'it's so pretty!'

We then had lunch and made arrangements to see the sunset while in a paraw... majestic.

(@ the Domestic Airport, the view from the plane)

(boracay bliss::1st feel of its sand)

PARAW::best way to experience the sunset

(loony sand gurls)

Saturday dinner was spent at the residence of Dr. Lazatin, family friend, @ the 'Station 1~Nami' Tip of the Island called DINIWID. We took a tricycle ride there for around P80 and had a yumyum dinner of sinigang and gambas with my cuzn's (kuy Vic's) family... we then took another trike ride back to Station 2 where we settled on listening to some reggae music at Bombom/Pat's. had a great time listening to the music and watching these crazee guys dance on stage! Denise was crazee about them --- they were really a lot of fun! Met up with friend, emg too while we were there!

(trike ride to&fro diniwid, lounging at BomBom)


amazing Boracay SandCastles...

DAY 2:

After a long night, we decided to sleep in a bit and postpone all the shopping and swimming to a later time... We had brunch at ARIA, did some shopping and sunbathing, a stroll to Station 1 where the sand is as fine as powdered sugar, had the best fruit shakes in town and again dinnered at diniwid (good ol' fried chicken and fresh crabs)...

brunch at ARIA

crazee afrernoon at station1

the best fruit shakes in town!

alone! pauwe from diniwid

DAY 3:

Left Bora super early for the flight back to Manila... :c we miss the sun, sand, and fun already!

5. Nail Pampering ::: Gloss @ Eastwood

6. Believe it or not, the day before Denise's flight back to the New Jersey was spent trekking up Mt. Pinatubo... it was A-MA-ZING! indescribable slight, definitely! and no snapshot caught how truly magnificent nature constructed this place! it was a tiring climb up and down to and from this active volcano's crater... but each step was exhilirating!

(on our way to Capas, eco-tourism headquarters)

(on our 4x4 :: sturdy and comfy)

(the 4x4 trail)

(the foot trail)

made it to the crater!


trek pababa...

Denise's short stay here in the Philippines was really more of a fun-filled adventure for everyone!

Thanks for the time spent together, Denise! You know you're the little sister I never had... I do wish you could come visit again soon --- with your friends too. We'll show them how pretty and 'cute' the Philippines is Ü iwuvya!

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