Thursday, June 08, 2006

seniors 2006 > they finally made it!

graduate vb 1: to grant or receive an academic degree or diploma 2: to admit to a particular standing or grade

ISM seniors 2006 commencement celebration was held last 26 May 2006...
...and yes, our Seniors, finally made it...

there are two ways we can look at graduation as mentioned above... simply put, its the end as well as the start... for senior batch 2006, it is the end of their 4-year struggle... the end of roaming around the corridors of the campus, making sure projects, internal assessments, extended essays, films, dossiers, etc. are completed and submitted, it's the end of bugging lids, reg, and seth in the office... the end of being a high school student.

and yet it is also a beginning... a start of a far more vast world ahead... to whichever college or university they will be going, be it local or abroad --- from the Ateneo, UA&P, La Salle and even UE, to UPenn, UBC, Wash U, Brown, Yale, FIT and MIT... our graduates will be spread accross the globe, experiencing different seasons, different cultures all at the same time. they will mature in different levels but will end up better individuals after all that they will experience...

some may visit... and remember... some will forget.

but here's a message to all as each one of them made a big difference in my life:

  • remember that there are people who care for you... so you ought to take good care of yourself
  • remember that your past will guide you in making decisions that will affect your future
  • remember to have something to look forward to... one that will give you a smile each day :: it may be big (reaching the peak of everest some day) or tiny (having ice cream after a long day), but it will definitely keep you going.
  • remember to pray
  • remember to be thankful
  • remember to be respectful
  • remember to care
  • remember to love <3

it was a pleasure working with you guys... a pleasure to be able to share stories, share quiet moments, share stress, share tears, share dreams.

you've been wonderful! you always made me laugh --- and made a tiring day all worth it.


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