Monday, May 07, 2007

trio of treats for tina :: boitday celebrant

April 24 is tina's special day and her bff, happy, decided to throw her a surprise boitday celeb at mc donald's el pueblo last April 28... although not all the invited guests arrived, we still had a blast! it was actually fun planning this whole stint... a mixture of anxiety and excitement... lotsa fun!
the script was that we were going to have a Laguna trip that Saturday and that mc donald's was our meeting place (tina, happy, katie, chie and i)... it was not all untrue as we really had a Laguna trip that afternoon... but we hid some bits and pieces about the mc donald's side twip :P

the party was scheduled to begin at 1:30pm... and end at 3:00pm but the celebrant was called to come at 2:00pm as we waited for the other guests to arrive... and it was a success! yes haps, it was not a failure at all! woohoo!

emcee mark
did a good job as well... we had enough time to play the games that he planned and eat the mucho mucho food that we ordered!

here are some game pix!

everyone took home some of the leftover goodies as well...

we, on the other hand, took some to our Laguna trip...

funfun fotos before we wrapped it up!

it wuz all about T.I.N.A.!!!

we left Manila at around 3:30pm and thanks to so much traffic, reached Calamba at around 5:30-ish pm... the ride was not at all bad as we had a lot to chat and laugh about! hush hush... let's keep all of that to our small group :P (katie, by the way, was not able to join us... ergo, she was the main topic of our conversations).

at 88 Resort and Spa, we booked the single Nipa Hut that could accommodate the four of us for the night. it was actually a very pretty home for the weekend as it was quite secluded and we had it all to ourselves. it had a/c, a fridge, a tv, and even a jacuzzi!

after settling in, in our chosen spots, we went around the resort to check out the 5 pools available... it was filled mostly by the water from the hot springs so it was nice and warm.

then we headed off to the Korean Restaurant and had a big dinner! yum!

the night was capped by two bottles of sparklings... and more chatting ;)

we were up and about early in the morning the following day and was able to enjoy the pools early in the day (that is, before the droves of guests came). had our mc donald's lunch in our room (while i was jacuzzi-ing and the rest were watching some tv)... we were off for Manila by 12nn.

had some lunch at Dencio's, Sucat, where the breeze was strong, and the view was beautiful.

medch mahangin... medch lang... :P

it was a good weekend... it's fun to be with high school girlfriends... they definitely are a lot of fun!

May 1 was the premier day for Spiderman 3... and we are not the ones to miss this exciting event! thanks to tina, we were able to grab some tickets earlier on and got to watch the 5:20pm screening at Eastwood City Theater, Libis, QC.

it was actually a good movie... too many characters for my taste and too much drama too (what's new??), but again, with great company, any movie becomes worth watching ;)

had dinner at Il Pirata... Italian this time...

much effort was given to making this place as Pirate-y as possible! well-appreciated on our table, definitely!

good times... good times... ;)
most definitely requires a part 2.. and 3... etcetera...