Friday, February 27, 2009

Before Goodbyes...

Before the 'goodbyes', we started off with a 'welcome back home' to mom... For her short stay in the Philippines, we booked a room at the Acuatico Resort, in Laiya, Batangas to spend a weekend with the family.

We were held up on the road and had to grab lunch before reaching the resort in this quaint little place a few miles from Acuatico... had some yummy adobo flakes, hot chocolate, and ice cream. Roque had fun with his waffles and ice cream!
It was our first time to visit Acuatico Resort and we were pleasantly surprised at the place. The room was pretty with an LCD TV, a queen and twin-sized bed. It has a modern design all around, which is a nice change from the usual rustic rooms around the town.
It even has a couple of swimming pools -- an infinity pool, a shallow pool for the kids, and a jacuzzi. Pools are always a great option for those that are not very fond of the beach. However, for the beach lovers, Acuatico is still a great place to go to as it's shore is nice and clean and they have water equipment that their guests could use, such as kayaks.
One of the best spots in the resort is their 'floating walkway.' It's a short walkway from the center bar to the infinity pool, which seems to be floating on water. You can take pretty pictures here where you can have a clear view of the sea as your background.

Acuatico's multi-purpose room was still being constructed when we went although it was already being used as a common dining area for its guests. I believe they are building a spa right above it will be the cherry on top for this beautiful place. For the meantime, massages may be scheduled with them and it will be done in the privacy of your rooms.

We were lucky to have been there on a nice sunny day because on the following day and the days before we arrived, the skies were cloudy and had even a few sprinkles of rain.
It was a lot of fun and time spent with family is always wonderful.
Book your next getaway with Acuatico Resort. Contact them through: +632.892.6878 and look for Simonette or Izel.

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