Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I can't deny how much I enjoyed Speed Racer!
Those who know me well are aware of my big interest in F1 racing! It was probably cars have played a major part in my childhood and all my four brothers were, and still are, much engrossed in the subject of cars! Kuya Glenn was primarily the biggest influence for my love for F1 races as he has exposed me to the sport very early. We are both fans of Ferrari cars and of Michael Schumacher. Imagine how bummed I am that he's no longer racing professionally... but as they say, better to stop at the peak of one's career and be remembered for your successes rather than to go on and fade away, leaving behind unpleasant memories.

Anyway, Speed Racer was just amazing! I've heard mixed reviews about it but it was at the top of my list of movies to watch and I was not disappointed. I love how the cars moved, I love the concept of how it was futuristic while the set popped out of the 60's. The colors were bright and vivid, giving it a comic look. I can definitely see how the cartoon was translated to a movie.

The actors fit the characters well! They did a great job!

Although there were some scenes that were quite 'talkie,' so to speak, the energy that the races brought to the movie, makes up for it. The angles, the different perspectives, the multiple styles used by the director is much appreciated. it:


Em Dy said...

Loved the movie too. I think it's the best I've seen this year!

lidsÜ said...

@em dy :: it was amazing! and i watched iron man too... i may blog about it next! coz i loved it too! thanks!