Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Babanam Kevalam (Love Is All There Is)

After missing 2 sessions of asanas at amezcua, I was really feeling unwell and uneasy… it felt like something was definitely not right. So I was looking forward to another session of asanas with Dennis come Friday.

That session turned out to be really special as he gave us a short but very helpful introduction to the importance of yoga in the life of an individual. Yoga, apparently, is a very broad term that encompasses a number of spiritual practices that originated in India. What we often perceive as ‘yoga’ is actually ‘asanas,’ which means postures. Dennis made us realize that asanas is not exercise but more of an ‘innercise.’ This means that what we work on is what is inside our body, our organs.

With these poses or postures, we focus on our breathing, which rejuvenates us. It welcomes the positive chi to enter the body and for all negativity to be released as we exhale. Through the process, we are able to relax and calm the mind from the stresses that we experience in our everyday lives. He advised us to stay away from the dumpsites of ‘negative energy’ as it could be caught up in our system and will make us feel a heavy aura.

From that brief session, I am restored. I am now more conscious of what is going on around me, what I need to shut out and what I need to embrace. As the mantra says, Babanam Kevalam, Love Is All There Is… I focus now on the essence that is Love and I become positive. I try to veer away from what is unpleasant or look at it at a different light.

Surprisingly, yesterday, one particular student came up to me in the office and asked how I waswithout even waiting for a reply, he said, ‘You seem happy.’ I was taken aback but it definitely brought a smile to my lips and I said, ‘Yeah, I am happy, thanks!’

Babanam Kevalam (Love Is All There Is)… say it to yourself and listen to its message. Absorb the meaning and live it!

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