Thursday, December 21, 2006

>promised updates<

made a lot of promises in my last blog to update you with stuff i posted about...
so here are some updates!

kris kringle post update for 2006...

it's been years since i've participated in a kris kringle and this is the first for me at ism :P you know our group, the KJ group when it comes to stuff like these :P

well, it proved to be ok naman ;)

so eniweiz, promised to post what i gave my baby (ms. tina) and what i got from my mom (ate chet) this kris kringle... so here it is:


  1. something hairy/ a hairy headed pen/ a tweeting chick cellphone thingie
  2. something long and hard/ a back scratcher/ a dog toy
  3. something funny/ a 'Nacho Libre' VCD/ a joke book
  4. something practical/ a 50-peso bill/ a neck cushion
  5. something you made/ a shirt!/ a CD and pic
  6. your baby's wish/ lush soap : sea vegetable/ SM GC

i don't have pix to post though :( boohoo... except for this one::the one i made for my baby... really proud of it! ;)

and no pix of the funfun revelation dinner we had either... but here's the menu for that celebration (thanks to Ima! It was really yumyum!)

  1. pancit palabok
  2. bbq
  3. lumpiang sariwa
  4. chix lollipop
  5. caldereta
  6. shrimp teriyaki
  7. rice
  8. pinipig crunch

woohoo! and thanks to ms. aida for the funfun games as well! :D

new office furniture post update!

lizeth let me borrow her cam to take these pix! of all the days i were to leave my cam behind, it had to be on the day i wanted to take photos of my new second home...


(my lil' corner)

(my views :: the art gallery and my new flat screen monitor! ~ thanks to the IT dept.!)

(ittybitty jots from my HS damulags)

(the peeps behind me::reg's area and the icare booth)

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