Monday, April 24, 2006

::LoViN' JaPaNeSe::

Best way to recover from a tough Sunday morning workout is a Great Lunch!

A Great Find: Yumyum Japanese food at SAKAE SUSHI @ Fort Bonifacio

They have yummy a la carte dishes... and a wide-array of sushi, maki, nigiri, etc... moving along a steady and looong conveyor belt around the resto.
Red plates = Php 189 each
Other Colored plates = Php 89 each

Each table has a flat screen monitor by which one can:
  • order from the a la carte menu
  • call for help
  • call for the bill
without the hassle of calling for one of their servers (who were, by the way, very polite and well-versed with what the resto can offer)

One bit of a caution: Make sure you order and grab just what you can finish! The novelty of ordering food at Sakae Sushi really tempts you to take more than you planned to!

Tip: A yumyum dessert place available right next door: Crepes & Creme! We got Chocolate Temptation after our Sunday lunch at Sakae Sushi... (their servers are not nearly as good as those at Sakae Sushi... was really disappointed about that :()

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a_happy_little_girl said...

wow. japanese foood! yum! *w*