Sunday, February 18, 2007

fun day >> with friends!

ism family fun day's theme was groovy valentine! held last february 10 at the ism grounds...

reg and i were volunteers for the afternoon event... we were in school by 3pm an
d helped out in selling chits which was used as money to buy food, join games and other activities during the family fun day... we had a lot of fun working there as we had the best spot in watching the kids throw shaving creme pies at each other and watch them try to dunk the big guys in school, including, the superintendent and the principals! it was hilarious! >> had to leave our posts though when the other volunteers insisted on taking over :P that gave us a chance to walk around and check out the other booths...

different clubs prepared different kinds of booths for the family fun day... from water slides for SBP, a crepe station for the
French Club, to an inflatable slide and castle for the Philippine Cultural Club!

by 6:30pm, people were queing up for the international dinner! we had food from different parts of the globe... middle east, americas, europe, asia -- korean, chinese, filipino, japanese, etc... yum! if buds rinah and jemil arrived earlier, we could've gotten more goodies! :P but it was good... and fun!

we all then had a stroll in the field and watched the Dance Co. do their thing ;)
it was really cute -- as the kids danced to the tunes of Bongga Ka 'Day, Annie Batumbakal, and other '70s groovy hits... soon enough, the kids and their parents were dancing as the band played on...

::it was a good night... capped off by coffee at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf here at Serendra...::

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