Monday, June 25, 2007


it seems that as i welcome 2007, i say goodbye to more and more people, places, things... sad, yes... but thinking about it on a positive note, i can say that i'm happy too to say goodbye...

1. goodbye to our seniors 2007 :: another year has passed and another graduation was celebrated. this year, i say goodbye to a lot of my favorite ism kids... it's sad to think about how different it will be come sy 2007-08 when this batch is gone... they're my freshmen batch and their the first that i've handled for a complete 4 years!
as lizeth puts it...
harvey! haha! and i all of them! i know that they'll be entering a new phase in their life -- college -- which will be full of excitement and great experiences... best of luck to them all!

~ thanks guys for keeping me young! i love my job because of you... ~

so here are some snipets of graduation 2007:

jiggy, virg, royce

shruti, ricky

jj, jerwin

ken, bea

brendan, mike, travis, charli, stefan, daiyu, mark, alex, joanne, jerwin

a 10?11?12?-course dinner at kai, greenbelt 2, makati: harvey's graduation bash!

2. goodbye to 2 of ism's best people: roy and mike... they were the craziest people in school! and they made us laugh countless times...

~ thank you for being our friends and our mentors, for taking care of us while you were around.
you two will always be remembered! ~

3. goodbye to ceejay as she explores the education sphere of busan, south korea...
~ congratulations, ceej in this new phase in your life. as i've told you before, may you find joy in this new place in terms of your career and personal life. i know that this is a blessing that you definitely deserve. can't wait to visit you there! ~

here's our mini despedida for ceejay at secret recipe, 32nd street, fort bonifacio:

4. goodbye to my dream car: chie's mazda miata mx5 '97...

we've given this baby up to someone else to take care of... it took years for chie to decide on selling X... we're thankful to have found someone who seems very enthused to take care of him...

5. goodbye to caloocan, the place i called home for the past 26 years...

with kuyryan and family, migrating to canada, it was time for me to move out of caloocan and live on my own. i'll be staying at wedgewood, where kuygary and family used to live... it will be a big change... and i'm preparing myself. i should be ok ;)

earlier on, i've aready made my wish for 2007: that i could handle my first experience of independence well... and i trust that God will heed my prayers

::with all these goodbyes come new hello's... i shall post a blog about that soon!::

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