Thursday, November 29, 2007

Signs of Christmas

seth started off with a Christmas blog already and come to think of it, there have been so many signs that Christmas is already in the air...

i should say, i'm not the biggest fan of the season but after spending it with ism kids, it has definitely been better. i must say, there really is a big difference when you work around kids... it brings out the child in us... and we enjoy the season so much more!

so here are some of the signs of Christmas that i've noticed over the past few weeks. i'd add some more when i see, smell, hear, taste and feel them ;)

1. the cool breeze...
i've been going in and out of the office throughout the day and it seems that it's now much colder outdoors than indoors... it's a nice change from the usual Manila heat and this is one sign we look forward to every year.
now i can't wait for simbang gabi at the gesu... *sigh

2. late mornings and early nights
i noticed that getting up in the morning was tougher than usual. well, it's tough everyday but it's simply difficult to make myself get up each morning and prepare for work. if i didn't have anything to look forward to, i'd be curled up back in bed in no time!

3. bright lights
i live in quezon city (philippines), and on my way home, i always pass a street that's filled with parols (Christmas lanterns) and the sight always makes me smile. we've had our parol shining brightly at home... and just this week, our neighbors have set up their own bright lights...

4. Christmas Carols
visiting shopping malls will force you to start your Christmas shopping! what with these Christmas Carols you hear at every store?! so bring your Christmas list at all times!

Christmas in the Philippines is always marked by different carnivals around town. in the past years, we've had: Payanig sa Pasig, Star City, Boom na Boom, and others. this year, my friends and i decided to give one carnival a shot! GLOBAL FUN CARNIVAL. it was set in Manila, just outside the Mall of Asia.
after an eventful roadtrip to this side of the city, we tried out the different rides and attractions that the carnival had to offer. The Global Fun Carnival had a giant ferris wheel, a colorful carousel, the ranger which is a ride that turns you 360 degrees around!, a roller coaster, the flipper.

They also have mini rides which cater to younger kids, a bunch of haunted rides, carnival games and bump cars!
the lines were quite long but our trip was worth it... it always is when we're with friends!
find time to visit the Global Fun Carnival... it's running from October 27, 2007 to January 15, 2008.
Mondays ~ Thursday :: P250
Friday ~ Sunday :: P300
get a P50 discount if you present your SM Advantage Card!

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