Friday, September 19, 2008

is it worth it?

something bloggable came up yesterday...

friends and i went to the S&R Pricesmart Sale at the Fort yesterday and it really got me thinking...

that people still get so excited of sales... it was like there was no tomorrow. queues in the parking lot, queues to get in the store, queues to pay at the counters and even longer queues in the snack bar. whew. it was really exhausting, just watching these people, all anxious to get their hands on everything!

and i think that's how these establishments compensate for the money that they are losing from discounts... a lot of the items are NOT on sale and since you're in there anyway, and you'll be lining up for hours, why not get even those that are not on sale?? a mentality that encourages more spending! wonderful!

so anyway, after weaving our way in, and looking through the aisles of food and other merchandise, we had a couple of things in our basket. but when we turned around to pay for them, that long line was just discouraging. people were twiddling their thumbs, waiting for their turn. it's a test of patience and some just lose it (like us!).

so we decided to drop what we got in a corner and just leave.

is it worth it?
maybe for some -- those that buy by bulk and that picked those that are really on sale.
but not for me. i CAN'T handle the stress :P

just my two cents worth of thoughts.

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pining said...

dito rin maraming nag si sale, kunti naman ang bumibili, they like to hold on to whatever bit of money they have got left (like me!) dahil sa credit crunch...