Tuesday, October 21, 2008

understanding and accepting change

As they say, nothing in life is permanent except for change. There probably is no 'truer' message than that. My experiences are real testimonies to this phrase.

I have been living on a roller coaster: moving uphill and down, left and right, round and round on loops. Dizzying, yes. But I must say, it makes living life more interesting and I don't want the tracks to end just yet.

At age fifteen, I was away for the first time from my parents as they migrated to another country. Dad comes home to spend the last months of his life with us. Then I was uprooted from my Alma Mater of twelve years to continue my studies in a place where I felt I didn't belong. After a year, I went back home -- to Manila.

College happened. Soon after graduation, I was scheduled to travel with mom. And we found out about her aneurysm and did something about it -- thank God we did!

In the meantime, while waiting for mom to recover, I tried applying for a job. My four-month stint with my first job seemed like an eternity but it was fun, I must say. And I met some wonderful people there!

And then I moved to my next job and it's simply amazing. Worked in one department for four and a half years and when an opportunity opened up for a promotion, I grabbed it -- and it grabbed me.

And now it's time for change again, just after 6 months. phooey. It's a big change and a lot of people are happy for me.

So it's time to understand and accept, because God always gives us what we deserve.

What a wonderful life.


tinapay said...

huuu... =(

lidsÜ said...
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Lizeth said...

miss you...


see you soon! mwah. :)