Thursday, February 21, 2008

(attempting to) turn a new leaf...

focus on fitness and health is definitely in order...

my chinese fortune for this year of the golden rat warns of negativity around me... my response to this is to focus on my inner self, calm my nerves and direct the negative energy elsewhere.

awareness. meditation. release. smile.

taking baby steps toward a healthier lifestyle is my aim and i need a partner in this 'task'. yes, task, because it definitely won't be a walk in the park. partner picked is good bud happy... we're both crossing our fingers... for success!

step 1: watching my diet
good bud happy and i will be trying our best to eat as healthy as possible... more greens and other vegetables, fruits and grains will be added to our daily meals... goodbye... erm... i don't think i can totally say goodbye... teehee... to fastfood... :P we just plan to cut down on that...

step 2: be active :: gym days!

yep! back to the ISM gym we go! seth, reg, and i will try to add more gym days to our week... hold back on excuses... bwahaha!

step 3: be active :: boxing! >> diverting the energy elsewhere

yep! back to boxing i go! after a looooong hiatus from boxing with trainer ping, i think i'm back in the mood to throw some punches!

went to elorde gilmore last saturday and went for a trial workout with buds chie and happy... and WHAT A WORKOUT IT WAS! thanks to trainer, mr. larry, my snoozing muscles woke up in no time!

we wrapped up, worked out a few rounds with the mitts, punching on a double end bag, getting the rhythm on a speed bag and the jumping rope, practicing our footwork, and tightening our abs like crazy! whew!

thank goodness mr. larry ended the session with a massage... i felt like a real athlete!

try it out! contact ELORDE GILMORE through 632.7238825.

step 4: inner peace :: yoga

i'm not a newbie yogini as i've tried yoga in various studios like fitness first and the mandarin oriental manila under our guru: prakash... but it was my first time to try vinyasa yoga in ortigas under mr. pio baquiran. happy was supposed to join me but with her hectic schedule, entering her new funfun job, she had to pass on this session...

it was quite an intense session especially for a first-timer like me. pio had to correct my poses so that i can get the results that the exercise is supposed to give me... i'm thankful for his attention to my mistakes as i intend to do this right! i do hope i didn't distract the rest of the class and i hope i didn't annoy pio... teehee... i was drenched just after a few poses and my flexibility and balance were soon put to the test. it was definitely a great experience... but yes, my body is sore today. i am aching in muscles i never knew i had... but yes, i intend to try it again... next week, i hope!

why not try it, for a change? VINYASA YOGA CENTER ORTIGAS 632.6336984.

so cross your fingers for us! we really hope we stick to our fitness plan... again baby steps...


Lizeth said...

goodluck lids!!

syempre, less excuses na nga. Lol :D

Jane said...

Hi lids -

Thanks for dropping by my blog and for the kind words. So glad you gave me the name of the yoga place at White Plains. I have not been able to go thataway again but will try to drop by. How do you like their yoga? And what kind is it?

Wonderful to read here you had already tried Pio. I have only wonderful words to describe how he teaches. For some reason, no matter where I go, I have a feeling I will always go back to his classes.

Hope to see you in one of his yoga classes one day!

Love, Light, Life!