Friday, February 29, 2008


a couple of days ago, seth, reg and i were having lunch when i started up a conversation about moolah...

i dunno why but i feel like i've been spending too much than i should the past few days.
bills came and i've scheduled online payments (thanks to BPI, paying bills is much easier!), and then i realized that my next paycheck will come in what? like 2 more weeks??? grr...

i hate this new payment scheme at work... getting paid once a month is the pits. it's so much more difficult to budget my monthly expenses. i think i need a financial advisor... like now? harhar.

seriously though, i think
i just need to look at where my money's going... and work around it (without sacrificing the travel fund of course :P)


or maybe it's all in the mind? because i'm just getting paid once a month, my brain is conditioned to think that there's never enough to last me til the 30th? maybe. i really need to sort this out.

it's driving me NUTS.

don't you just wish we could pick money off trees???

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