Thursday, April 10, 2008

hababoitdays for april!

april 2: ANIELA!

miss our little angel... xoxo on your birthday!

april 7: EVIE!

heehee... wish ko para sayo ay yung wish mo din: boyfriend! teehee

april 10: SOFIA!

lots and lots of hugs to sofia! i miss you s
♥♥♥♥ much!

april 10: HENRY aka PEPITOE!

huuuy... san ang gimmik?? :P

april 11: TIMOTHY!

ei tim! hababoitday! come visit the philippines with angel soon! teehee...

april 12: YURI!

huuuy... san ang gimmik?? :P

april 15: TRICIA!

first birthday in canada! aww... wish we could have our usual birthday dinners! *sniff

april 16: RAFAEL!

kiwi paeng! hababoitday! bet you'll have a great birthday celebration!

april 17: ARIANNA!
ate! still looking for a gift that matches you! l♥l!

april 24: TINA!

boitday wish for you: to pass the board! w♥♥t! so we can celebrate na! lol!

april 26: DUSTIN!

are you gonna be in manila? miss our get2gethers!

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