Friday, April 11, 2008

nothing beats...

...being with friends you haven't seen for a long time!

i spent the weekend with 3 buds that were gone for quite awhile... and i was really happy to have spent the 3-day weekend with them!

Rinah was sent to India by Unilever to work on some 'I.T. Stuff' that has been a problem for a few months now... she was gone for a good 3 to 4 weeks! and that's a really long time.

Rinah's one of my bestest buds and we both look forward to our dinners, coffees, or whatnots just to update each other with the latest buzz. we always find ourselves laughing off our seats whenever we're together! never a dull moment. thankfully, she's back in Manila but is still of course, busy with work. at least she can easily be invited to last minute meet-ups especially on not-so-good days!

India is one of those places i would love to visit... i'm just not so sure when i will be able to! India's culture is so rich, the food yummy, and the different areas of this huge country have something unique to offer as well. >crossing my fingers that sometime in this lifetime, i'd be able to visit!<
Henry is one of the most amazing people i know from college! ADMU life would definitely be lame without Pepits! his quirky personality is definitely missed everytime the gang is together on gimmiks when he flew for the states...

he's often the topic of conversation when we reminisce about things past. of course, he had to do something crazee all the time, that he surprised me on our Saturday get-together! it was just supposed to be rinah, emg, jp, and yuri but to my pleasant surprise, a couple of other friends popped by: Henry, his good friend Andro, and Yuri's friend, Eric... and towards the end of the night, we saw the soon-to-be happily married couple, Abel and Abby (sp?)

dinner at Myron's (Greenbelt 5 :: 632.7293858) wouldn't have been half as much fun without this bunch!
we had to transfer to Myron's pretty al fresco setup outside the resto as we didn't reserve for a table for 11! Myron's serves yumyum dishes, mainly steaks... what did we have?
  • angus steak kebab with french fries and buttered vegetables
  • herb encrusted steak medallions with mashed potatoes and buttered vegetables
  • duet of steak wrapped in bacon and prawns with baked potatoes and buttered vegetables
  • wagyu burger with french fries and onion rings
  • mesclun salad
  • foie gras salad
  • spinach and pesto spread with french bread
  • lotsa rye bread with butter
food was great but spending time with my buds was even better!
3. ELAINE (Castro)
yep, there are 2 Elaines in our Poveda HS Group, both out of the country since last year!

finally, after her 1st year as an FA for Qatar Airways, Elaine (Castro) had the opportunity to take a couple of days off and fly back home to be with friends and family. her schedule is quite hectic, being on the plane 6 days out of 7 every week and visiting different countries including Africa, Russia, India, the rest of Europe and the Americas! she calls Doha, Qatar her home for now but definitely misses life in Manila!

it's really different, being with my HS Buds... we all go back to being the way we were soon as we see each other and we can't help but realize in the end that we're all grown up now! working and having grown up problems! argh! haha!

but it was really a lot of fun! after a couple of orders of sisig, sinigang, calamares, pinaputok na plapla, lights, strong ices and iced teas, we had to call it a night... and look forward to another chance to get-together soon!

friends are definitely life's most precious treasures... i consider each time i spend with them as an amazing experience!
♥hugs to my buds!


Anonymous said...

Lids, it is so nice that you still get to meet your HS and College buds. Your get-together look so much fun... and the food... hmmm so good!

lidsÜ said...

@chinois97 :: haha! thanks! yeah! it's really great... too bad we don't get to do it as often as we want... work gets in the way! haha!