Monday, April 07, 2008

Yo Card :: a new way to advertise!

i've been meaning to blog about our visit to the Yo Card Exhibit held last March 13 at Bonifacio High Street but i've been Über busy with so many things that i wasn't able to... not until today...
this will be short and sweet...

we've always taken those free Yo Cards in shops that carry them but never realized that card ads have been going around for a long time and that there are a lot of companies, products and events that have been using this medium for advertisement.

the exhibit featured numerous postcards from different parts of the world! some had odd shapes, peculiar textures and designs, and interesting slogans... i think that it's a very effective way of relaying messages, enticing people to support groups or events, and soliciting patrons.

it will be nice if more companies, products, and other institutions can use this method of advertisement. i think that it gets the work done!

cheers to the yo card team for a great exhibit! we can't wait for more of your art!

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