Friday, April 25, 2008

on stresses and life's fast pace

there really seems to be no stopping time...

one morning i wake up on a gloomy monday morning and then next thing i know, it's already friday night, jampacked with activities that i can't fit in such short hours...

yoga hour session tonight in amezcua, visit 'under the weather'~boitday girl tina, celebrate the launching of Studio Phos Graphis with yuri! all starting at the same time... now how will i manage???

with unpleasant things going on in the office, i always end the day exhausted... and the night passes by so quickly that i feel i haven't had time to recuperate. got work tomorrow, saturday... should be happy coz that means extra moolah... but i'm just dead tired that i can't look forward to it... and i'm upset i won't be able to go boxing... maybe i can plug it in my sunday schedule, who knows? aaargh...

so far, the only thing that keeps me calm are my yoga sessions at amezcua... tough but it's really an hour strictly for myself... with the guidance of Dennis Daguman our yoga master, my nerves are calmed down in meditation (dyhana) and my body is challenged in postures (hatha)... giving me holistic (wholistic) healing. these sessions are what i look forward to at least 3 times a week after work. it's been great so far and hopefully, my flexibility, strength, and inner peace develop as i continue on with my classes.

wish me luck!

Amezcua Wellness
122 Katipunan Road
White Plains
Quezon City
T. 9131353

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