Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Dark Knight

i watched it, i loved it. but to review it, is not my place. i hand the floor over to the biggest batman fan i know...

thanks to chie:


The long wait is over and the Bat is back!

Why so serious?

Yes, everyone was serious after the movie. People coming out of the movie house were quiet. A momentary stunned effect. No one was chatty. No one was pushing nor shoving to get out the door. Somehow it was like a freaky-ish hush. But as expected the only one laughing out loud all throughout was the Joker. He created a tremendous amount of confusion and deception that turned into an excellent chaos. Even the good guys willingly fell into his trap. It was a comic book that came to life. It became so real that you wanted to call the Joker and congratulate him for a very good performance. His only concern is to see the man behind the mask. But he made sure that the people of Gotham would want the same thing. A little bit of persuasion and lots of explosions. This is some serious stuff. Not the kind that kids could comprehend.
I am pro-Batman. Always on the side of the good and put a stop on the bad. But you’ve got to take the marvel to the next level. So indulge yourself in all the elements of the darkness and realize what makes the Batman is his nemesis.


Anonymous said...

Lids, I just saw the Dark Knight last Thursday and it was great. Heath was so good as the Joker...too bad he can not reprise his role.

lidsÜ said...

@chinois97 :: isn't he amazing?? can't believe he's gone... :c