Wednesday, July 16, 2008


yep! got a newbie: wewdie!
since i can't have biggie doggies in the condo, i got myself a cutie little beagle c/o t. jas (thanks!) wewdie is such a sweetie! :P

well, i was worried about his first night in his new home as he was of course already used to his former home and family... but he made himself at home soon as he stepped in! he is very curious and always sniffs in the random places at home to get used to his new surroundings. he loves the couch! and would often play with his toys in front of the tv while i watched... then he'd snooze when he gets tired! haha!

yaya cel was of course very excited and felt like she had a new baby to take care of. sure enough, she was up very early the next day to bring him out and do his 'thing.' :P they have grown very close and i'm glad that they have each other as company especially in the daytime when i'm at the office.

of course, as a pup, there are still so much for him to learn... to pee in the right places and to ignore rags and other stuff at home! he's got his chew toy alright, but i guess he likes some variety! :P soon (i hope) he'll be well trained!

♥hugs to wewdie!

hey guys! if you have tips on good and easy potty-training, send me an email or a comment! :P thanks!

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