Wednesday, July 02, 2008


saturday was quite an eventful day... started off late as good friend yuri picked me up from home and we were off to shangri-la to meet rinah and eric...

until plans to trinoma we went... with the hope of convincing rinah and eric that trinoma is a decent place to go to, relaxing, huge, complete, different. just a heads-up: it was SATURDAY, JUNE 28, a "sweldo-weekend" for a bunch of people whose employers were kind enough to give the end of the month salary earlier than the 30th. it only meant one thing: a jam-packed mall.

after going round and round the parking building, and reached level 6, we finally found a spot. went straight to the movie house to get some good seats for the movie and all we saw was a huge swarm of people, crowding over the ticket counter, squeezing their way through the queues to buy their tix. ugh.

knowing that rinah and eric will be late, we decided to join in the chaos and buy our tix for the 5pm showing... true enough, by the time we got out of that place, they have parked and were at that moment lost in the labyrinth called trinoma.

met up and snacked in

five cows... some nachos, ice cream s'mores, parfaits, and hot chocolate floats after, we were headed for the cinema.

wanted was as good as we expected. nothing more to it. it was a comic strip in the flesh, on the big screen, and it was good. i think the actors did a good job and the storyline was well-scripted. i love the curving of the bullet, the repairman, and the idea of the loom... it was an interesting movie for me... well, i'm easily captivated by comic movies anyway :)

my only observation was: angelina jolie was just playing her regular role. it was just as if she stepped out of the tomb raider movie, changed her clothes and 'urbanized.' i think i'm ready to see her in a different role, and see a different kind of acting. maybe i just haven't watched enough of her movies :P

watch it!


the day didn't end there though!good friend alf is moving to singapore... for good! he signed up to relocate c/o unilever... the only good thing is that singapore is just another 2 hour cebu pacific ride away.

the despedida was held in his cute home cum pre-school in project 8... we knew parking was not going to be easy so a carpooling scheme was in order. thanks to eric, we left the 2 other cars in trinoma as we partied with alf! great food, thanks to alf's mom! kare-kare, fish fillet, baby back ribs, hainanese chicken, and lasagna! yum! love home-cooked food!

it was a good get-together, saw a bunch of people i haven't seen in a long time :) hopefully, the next get-together won't be a despedida... :P

keep in touch, alf!


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