Saturday, July 26, 2008

lazy saturday afternoon...

i can't believe that work will officially be 'on' this monday... after 2 months of summer preparations, the whistle to start the new school year has been blown. mind you, not all that needs to be done, has been done, but i must say that we are more or less ready to welcome the kids back to school! and being new in my post, i am definitely at the edge of my seat. unlike the last 3 years of working at ism, this year is very different and i don't know what to expect. but i'm ready and i'm looking forward!

so i figured that the best way to end the summer break and to start the new year is to spend a lazy weekend at home... woke up at 11am this morning... very promising ;) well-rested and ready to be lazy! haha! lunched by 12, bath by 1, and yes, SPA by 2! yep, i scheduled for a spa session AT HOME on this lazy saturday afternoon with SPAHOLICS. they were at my doorstep by 2pm today, with everything that is needed for a full spa session. i opted for the famous HOT STONE MASSAGE: Heated Basalt Stone is used to relax the muscles combined with soothing hand movements stimulating blood circulation and promoting relief from stress and tension.

the masseuse came to my home with, as i mentioned, everything she needed to give me the pampering i so desperately need! she brought a bed, complete with fresh sheets, lotions and oils, towels. of course she came with the stone and the heating contraption and she even had an oil burner for the aromatherapy and a cd player to complete the relaxing ambiance. all i needed to provide was some water and an electric outlet.

the hot stone massage treatment was exactly as it is described. the long strokes rejuvenates the muscles and relieves the tension. the hot stone that is used is just hot enough to loosen all those tight knots and helps in relaxing the body. my masseuse took her time in making sure that all my aches and pains were gone...

the one-hour session was amazing! i am rejuvenated and ready to start the new school year! i think that everyone deserves lazy saturday afternoons such as the one i had today...

your own. your home. your spa.

SPAHOLICS: 633.5880/0917.5313531


Lizeth said...

haven't tried hot stones. hmmm. interestingÜ ayos pala yan.

goodluck bukas! miss you!Ü

Jercyl said...

wow! sounds very relaxing indeed :-)

good luck in your new post. i'm sure you'll do well there.


lidsÜ said...

@lizeth :: yepyep! you should try it there at banyan! must be so much better! haha!

thanks, first day was crazee but fun! miss you much too!

@jercyl :: it was definitely relaxing ;) you should try it sometime!

thanks, thanks! ES is much different but it's a lot of fun there too!

take care!